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TRANSTV stream
RCTI stream
MIVO stream
Korean Drama stream with Indo subs

Indonesian and English subtitles together: spongebob "the bully" x21kg8j_super-mom-super-rempong-indonesian-english-subtitles_schoolsuper mom
default (1)konser tunggal dina spongebob "whatever happened to.."
default (7)cafe baru kalista
ENGLISH subtitles only: TEDx talk deforestation defaultTEDx talk urban green
defaultTEDx talk performance defaultTEDx talk religion
mqdefaultinsomnia helen default (6)cewek jahil susan default (3)malam baru miko default (4)tetangga baru karin
default (5)cewek basket angeline
INDONESIAN subtitles only – watch these with an open dictionary window to look up new words whenever they come up: defaultDewa default Demi Cinta-
defaultMINI default Benci bilang Cinta SINETRON means soap opera get ready for a high level of coincidence and tragedy;)
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